Photography Portfolio

As a journalism major, I didn’t take too many photography classes. I was, however, given the opportunity to take photos to accompany my stories in regards to school consolidation in Nebraska. This project taught me a lot, but with the photography aspect specifically, I learned that even small rural schools have the same environment as an elementary school in a Class a district. Being able to document an afternoon with the kids at Simeon East Rural Attendance Center in Valentine, Neb., was an experience I won’t forget. This project was part of Nebraska News Service.

For the School Consolidation project I also visited Howells-Dodge Consolidated Schools. My fellow reporter and I happened to visit Howells-Dodge the day of homecoming. The accompanying piece with the story was a slideshow of photos made in imovie of the Student Council decorating their high school gym. Talking to these students helped to solidify that consolidation can be a good thing and that more often than not, the ones who oppose it more are community members, not students.

I took Nebraska Mosaic as my capstone course. This class focused on immigrants and refugees in the Lincoln and Omaha area. I wrote a few stories for the course focusing on how LPS’s education system helps to accommodate immigrant and refugee families. As a part of Nebraska Mosaic, I took my own photos. Here are some examples.


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